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Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) is a state corporation under section 3 of the Agriculture and Food Authority Act of 2013. The role of the Authority is to Regulate, Develop and Promote Scheduled Crops value chains, for increased economic growth.

The Act consolidates the laws on the regulation and promotion of agriculture and makes provision for the respective roles of the national and county governments in agriculture and related matters, in line with the provisions of the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya.

The Authority is the successor to the institutions existing before the commencement of the AFA Act 2013 and the Crops Act 2013. These are the Coconut Development Authority, Kenya Sugar Board, Coffee Board of Kenya, Horticultural Crops Development Authority, Pyrethrum Board of Kenya, Cotton Development Authority and Sisal Board of Kenya.



  • Administer the Crops Act, in accordance with the provisions of these Acts; 1
  • Promote best practices and regulate the production, processing, marketing; 2
  • Grading, storage, collection, transportation, and warehousing of agricultural products; 3
  • Excluding livestock products as may be provided for under the Crops Act; 4
  • Collect and collate data, maintain a database on agricultural products excluding livestock products, documenting and monitoring agriculture through registration of players as provided for in the Crops Ac; 5
  • Be responsible for determining the research priorities in agriculture and to advise generally on research thereof; 6
  • Advise the national government and the county governments on agriculture levies for purposes of planning, enhancing harmony and equity in the sector; 7
  • Carry out such other functions as may be assigned to it by this Act, the Crops Act and any written law while respecting the roles of the two levels of the Government. 8
AFA Directorates are:
  • 1. Sugar Directorate
  • 2. Coffee Directorate
  • 3. Fibre Crops Directorate
  • 4. Food Directorate
  • 5. Nuts & Oil Crops Directorate;
  • 6. Horticultural Crops Directorate;
  • 7. Miraa, Pyrethrum & Other Industrial Crops Directorate;

Our Mission.

To sustainably develop and promote scheduled crops value chains through effective regulation for economic growth.

Our Vision.

To be a World Class Regulator in the Agriculture Sector

Our Core Values.

  • Customer focus
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Innovativeness
  • Professionalism